How Was that Name Pronounced in Early Virginia?

A very useful and interesting post in the Family Search blog concerns how a number of specific surnames were pronounced in colonial Virginia. The article is titled “How Did They Say that Name in Colonial Virginia?”


Missouri Death Certificates Online

A mind-boggling genealogical resource is the online collection of millions of Missouri death certificates found in the Missouri State Archives website. This brief video discusses the historical and genealogical importance of the collection.

Missouri Death Certificates from mosecofstate on Vimeo.

We Relate: The World’s Largest Genealogy Wiki

We Relate bills itself as “the world’s largest genealogy wiki.” The site offers a “free public-service wiki” which is sponsored by both the Foundation for Online Genealogy and the Allen County (IN) Public Library. While a huge proportion of its contents seems to consist of mere listings of library materials that are listed elsewhere, the site also contains a substantial amount of family data and other materials.

Periodicals at Midwest Genealogy Center

Planning a trip to the Midwest Genealogy Center (Mid-Continent Public Library) in Independence, Missouri? Here’s a link to a long pdf list of Periodical Holdings at Midwest Genealogy Center.

Publication Focuses on St. Louis Genealogical Research

St. Louis genealogical research is the special focus of the free online July 2012 issue of PastPorts. PastPorts is a publication of the Special Collections Deparment of the St. Louis County Library. Past issues sometimes contain information that would be of interest to genealogists even outside of the St. Louis area.

Future of Microfilm

Several years ago, some genealogists were talking as though blank microfilm was soon to become completely unavailable. This would potentially have a devastating impact on the use of microfilm in general, since occasionally new copies need to be struck for readability or for distribution. In addition, despite accelerated efforts to digitize historical and genealogical materials, vast amounts of data can still only be accessed by examining the original records, or by using microfilm. (In a few cases, only by using microfilm copies.)

What’s going on with availability of blank microfilm, which is often necessary to the process of making existing microfilm available for use? The Microfilm Shop asks in its website, “Silver Microfilm – Thought there were only 3 manufacturers? Now there are 4.” The company’s website discusses production of “Ozaphan” silver microfilm at a plant in Germany. In addition, in its website Fujifilm discusses its microfilm products, saying that the company’s “global distribution network assures a steady supply of fresh microfilm products.”

If you’re interested in knowing more about microfilm and its future, the following articles might be of interest:

National Genealogical Society Annual Conference

The 2013 Family History Conference of the National Genealogical Society is scheduled for May 8-11, 2013 in Las Vegas. Conferences will be held within the hotel itself, the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton). This is adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information, see the National Genealogical Society website.